Main prize in Solo classic Professionals category – 1000€ and right to teach at our next edition.

The winners of all solo categories will be awarded with medals and diplomas.
The winners of group categories will be awarded with cups and diplomas.

All the winners and prize winners will be awarded with free full passes and discounts from prestigious worldwide festivals:

Ah Ya Elbi! festival / Poland (Facebook)
Bellydance Drive festival / Crimea (Facebook, Vkontakte)
Belly Quality festival / Spain (Facebook, www)
Cairo by Cyprus festival
/ Cyprus (Facebook)
Cairo by Night festival
/ Greece (Facebook)
Cairo by Night Paris festival / France
Dancing World festival / Portugal (Facebook, www)
El Khadia festival / Russia (Vkontakte)
El Kaff festival / Korea (Facebook)
Enta Omri festival / Serbia (Facebook)
Mira Mar festival / Russia (Facebook, Vkontakte)
Mosaic oriental festival / Greece (Facebook, www)
Oriental Dance Weekend festival / Portugal (Facebook, www)
Oriental Dance festival of Europe / Germany (Facebook)
Orient el Hob festival / Spain (Facebook, www)
Oriental Marathon festival / France (Facebook, www)
Oriental Rose festival / Germany (Facebook, www)
Oslo Oriental Dance festival / Norway (Facebook, www)
RaqsSwiss festival / Switzerland (www)
Swiss Open Bellydance Cup / Switzerland (Facebook, www)
Venus festival / Greece (Facebook)